Garment Digital Printing

DTG Garment printing in PakistanDirect to Garment, or DTG printing, is a process by which a digital image is printed directly onto your apparel using cutting edge printing technology and inks. Direct to garment printing DTG SATPARA Fabrics & Digital Textile Printing yields a very similar results to screen printing. The only difference is that direct to garment printing is more proficient at printing multiple colours compared to screen printing. This is why our technical team automatically switches your print to a DTG print (6+ Colour print) in order to reduce the price of the garment. This process allows us to print any quantity order with highly detailed full color designs at an affordable price. Digital printing allows you to create and order as little as 1 item – allowing you to order multiple designs and avoid setup fees. Our innovative digital printing methods mean you get a great quality print, without having to order large quantities or wait weeks (or months!) for your items. With our expert team of direct to garment printers, so creating and printing small batches of custom t-shirts is no longer a pipe dream. Any design is possible. We ensure outstanding accuracy, exceptional consistency, phenomenal print output, and affordable rates with every order.

  • Create your design– At SATPARA Fabrics & Digital Textile Printing we use the latest graphic design software to mock up your corporate logo or custom design.
  • Send design to printer– after your design is complete, it is sent to the DTG machine where the print driver provides the machine instructions on what to print.
  • Pretreat your garment– a pretreating machine is used to prepare your fabric for the printing process. This only takes a few seconds.
  • Dry the garment– after pretreating, the garment will need to be dried using a heat press set to 330 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20-30 seconds or until the fabric is completely dry.
  • Position the product– your garment is positioned on the plate of the DTG printer and locked into place with a hoop.
  • Print the design– printing is actually the easy part. If your design is programmed into the DTG machine it’s as easy as pressing the print button.
  • Cure the fabric– once the printing is complete the garment is taken back to the heat press to be cured. Silicon paper is used to protect your design from the heat and then the press is heated to 330 degrees Fahrenheit and applied at a light pressure for about 90 seconds.
  • Finished!– Your custom printed apparel is complete! Now we check the garment for quality, package it up, and ship it to your door.